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Chuck your details below and we’ll make sure you're one of the first to know when we launch the Mystery Slabs in 2025!

FAQ's, T&C's & How they work.


What are they?

All our Mystery Slabs feature authentic Victor Bravo’s gear, merchandise and products at a bundled fraction of the price. BUT the fun is not knowing what you’re going to get!…Are you legendary enough to handle the surprise though?

Take a walk on the wild side and grab yourself a Slab!

We’ve arranged them into three distinct categories to narrow down the types of surprises you can expect.

PS: We’ll ask you for your size to make sure you’re well looked after 💪🏼

PPS: Mystery Boxes cannot be combined with any other discounts and do not qualify for free shipping.

How do they work?

We take a good hard look at our numbers - and the people who support us - to only throw the best Victor Bravo’s gear in every tray.

Our team makes a note of your Slab type, size and then makes an informed decision on what goes in your Slab. It’s a legit science.

Due to ridiculously high demand, our Slabs will sell faster than half price beer at the MCG. Your best bet is to subscribe to our emails to keep informed of when they drop. Make sure you move quickly to select your sizes and get to the checkout ASAP. This will be a race!

Worldwide Shipping

Your Mystery Slab will be dispatched promptly via the most suitable carrier. You’ll receive a tracking number via email when we send out your goods.

What if I don't like my gear?

If you love a Victor Bravo’s and the froth our vibe, then it's fairly safe to say that our Mystery Slab will be a winner!

However, we're not mind readers. If you already own an item from in your tray (or if it's not quite right for you) then we're sure it'll make a great present for someone else. Or swap it with a mate at work for a few coldies.

One thing that we can guarantee is that you're getting great value. If you're willing to "risk it for the biscuit" the odds are in your favour.

Is it just old stuff on sale?

All items in our Mystery Slabs are based on their RRP. We guarantee we aren’t stuffing the Slabs with clearance-type products. All Slabs feature best sellers, premium products and historically popular items loved by our legendary customers.

Can I return my items?

Returns are not available on Mystery Slab items.
If you receive faulty products, of course we’ll rectify the situation. Please get in touch with us here.

Otherwise, all sales are final. Please make sure to double-check your selected size before placing your order.